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Augmented Reality (AR) as well as Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) refer to a computer-aided perception that expands the real world with virtual aspects. Real illustrations of a representation or an object are explained and are understandable. The information is made visible using a tablet, smartphone or AR glasses and decrypted with the appropriate marker and then acted on the object. This new technology will be further explored and become the new working and control medium.


With new complex technology concepts, one will not be able to avoid the further development of simulation purposes in order to restrict the cost-consuming prototype experiment as far as possible. This means, for example, to adapt the software for fluid simulation in the cluster computer so that the setpoint and actual value in the flow channel can be compared and synchronized via iteration. When such tools are used, they will help to shape future challenges.


Demands lose their horror and contribute to the well-being of the company.


Air is compressible and has less mass than water. Due to the deceleration of the wind on the rotor part of the flow deviates from it and is not available. Therefore, the wind turbine should be designed in accordance with bionic aspects in contrast to conventional wind turbines, to compensate for the disadvantages of normal systems. A completely different design of the wind turbine avoids, for example, the moving shadow, the unpleasant noises and the endangerment of the animal world. Thus, many counter arguments can be invalidated, which can contribute to increased acceptance.


Today, modern block power plants already have a high degree of efficiency thanks to intelligent combined heat and power. New gas engine concepts are intended to dissolve dependence on energy suppliers through low operating costs and capital commitment. The following options are available to achieve this goal: longer running performance with fewer moving components, reducing the oscillating masses, the vibrations and the friction and thus also the wear. In addition, a shift to cheaper and more locally available supplies will support a positive strengthening of the regional market.


Due to the systemic nature of renewable energies, electricity can not be produced as needed. Overcapacity is faced with undercapacity in demand and vice versa. Different amplitudes in the generation and consumption of energy should be buffered by local storage. There is little point in routing the power to remote pumped storage power plants, as every 8th power plant is only needed to compensate for line losses. In a pumped storage system 1.7 KW are needed to generate 1 KW. For the network load, such constructs are also counterproductive. After the EEG law is softened more and more, small to small energy stores are urgently needed to make smaller plants more efficient, since there are no larger production capacities available.


Batteries and accumulators are energy cells on an electrochemical basis. Accumulators can be recharged from the outside, batteries not. If you look at our environment and the natural context, a closer look reveals that we are surrounded by vast amounts of energy. These forms of energy can be, for example, electrical and magnetic. Any energy must be responsible for planetary rotation, gravitational attractions, radiation energy or plant growth. Photovoltaic systems are already being put to practical use. If, in principle, a photocell is connected to a battery, we have a self-charging battery. Typical applications would be conceivable in a smartphone, laptop, e-bike or electric lawnmower. Unfortunately, the handling of our conventional cells still leaves something to be desired in terms of energy density, safety and charging time. Therefore a call for action is urgent.


The development of new process technologies and production possibilities, the development of materials, the fluidity of the boundaries between the different materials and the new discoveries and developments of new consumables open up unforeseen, previously considered impossible, new approaches. This opens up new fields of activity, with which new unbiased young people can make their mark and expand their reputation in the team.


Progress in new materials and nanotechnology allow new applications in physics and chemistry. The focus should be on renewable raw materials in order to achieve a favorable ecological footprint. The circular economy, as nature fights with its complex metabolic processes, should be sought in order to not exacerbate the waste problem and air pollution.


In order to realize the new energy plants, one will not be able to avoid new process technologies, if one wants to exploit the full potential of the new possibilities. The further development of additive manufacturing processes in the ceramics sector alone will allow new cost-effective, temperature-independent, chemical processing techniques of unimaginable variety. The new spectrum to be processed is almost limitless.


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