1. UX design – user experience design

UX design creates the user-user experience primarily in interface design. The aim is to continuously improve the usability and the emotional experience of digital applications, so that users can easily and quickly achieve their respective goals. UX design encompasses the cognitive and emotional perceptions of users and their physiological and psychological ones Reactions to a product or service during use as well as the expectation and anticipation before the actual application. These affect the overall impression of the application and its brand. This is not measurable compared to usability, since it is predominantly about psychological and mental processes. These individual customer experiences should be positively influenced by the design of digital interfaces and services. UX design treats all touchpoints of future customers with the product, services and thus the brand. UX design deals with the holistic view of the customer lifecycle (before, during and after use).


Augmented Reality (AR) as well as Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) refer to a computer-aided perception that expands the real world with virtual aspects. Real illustrations of a representation or an object are explained and are understandable. The information is made visible using a tablet, smartphone or AR glasses and decrypted with the appropriate marker and then acted on the object. This new technology will be further explored and become the new working and control medium.

3. Augmented Reality & XR-Platform

With ar2go, Scheid & Partner, helloAR UG, are the leading providers of AR / VR / XR-platform technology for CAD / CAM, 3D mass data conversion and AR / VR / XR mass data processing and mass data provision. In the areas of IoT, AI (AI) & digitization, there are huge opportunities for individual reworking and acceleration. IBM is available on the server / cloud side as a strong partner. This allows you to implement highly interesting process optimizations in your company as part of digitization.


Thanks to the XR platform developed by us i.a. for augmented / virtual reality, it was possible for the first time worldwide to develop a completely new type of multifunction turbine using only virtual, digital processes and to obtain a patent for it. With a completely different design concept, the first patented, intrinsic multifunction turbine, movement, shadows and deflections in favour of humans and / or wildlife are avoided. This creates a high level of acceptance while increasing efficiency.


As a research and first “worldwide” augmented reality development project in tourism, in cooperation with the regional management of Bavaria, the Bavarian castles and lake administration, the district of Fürth, the Romantic Franconian and thirteen Middle Franconian cities and counties was the first here German Augmented Reality Cycle Path "real" created and the digitization technology in Augmented Reality awarded.

Gold medal for ar2go, as well as the creative award of the Chamber of Commerce of Middle Franconia and the ADAC Tourism Award.


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