The hello AR UG (limited liability) is a company that deals with the further development of new and existing technologies and, among other things, their incorporation into digitalization. The company researches and develops itself and on behalf of third parties, patentable new developments up to product maturity. Furthermore, it presents new developments with all copyrights that have either grown out of themselves, property of private individuals, communities of inventors or companies. She has an excellent team in the development and research area, as well as good and networked skills. She is also active in the field of design development, CMS and AR-CMS. We are looking for prospective customers and customers, both in equity participation and / or in customer education.

From its inception, the company has been responsible for projects in the augmented, virtual, mixed, reality, XR platform development and multifunctional turbine technology that are protected by copyright.

The company also manages several European patents and their legal content on behalf of third parties. Development work in the field of design, corporate design, external appearance, market entry support, software development and the digitization of alternative energy projects follow.

We are happy to answer any questions, expressions of interest and orders. You can reach us at any time at: info(at)helloar.de or mobile: +49 (0)172 8978178


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