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Market observations suggest that with the introduction of a new cross-subsidized technology, the market is quickly served by different companies. Reductions and deletions of these funds relatively quickly lead to a market adjustment at the expense of jobs and all the associated economic disadvantages. Good technical solutions are also economically viable. Bad solutions should not be pursued based on resource consumption. For this reason, plants should be developed efficient in material requirements and costs that the product pays off without subsidies, thus ensuring long-term marketability through further development and adaptation to future parameters.


Nature has nothing to give away, excess weight makes inflexible and sluggish, which thwarts the hunting success or a successful escape. The flow dynamics of birds and fish guarantee economical energy consumption. In millions of years, only the best solutions have prevailed through trial and error. Thus, a great development advantage has arisen, which can not be compensated by the human mind. An accurate analysis of the nature has to be done to understand these complex relationships. A successful copy requires a thorough understanding of the role model.


Anyone who has ever taken holidays in the former territory of Yugoslavia can study the consequences of rigid logging for shipbuilding. Even more dramatic is the Easter Island example. Without wood, the inhabitants had no basic material for boat building, tools or kitchen stoves. Thus, an escape from the island was prevented and for survival through cannibalism lasted only for a limited time. If we consume resources faster than they regenerate or regrow, we soon have a problem. Just for existential reasons, we have to devote ourselves to another option. These new challenges can not be solved with the same methods that have led to it. A rethinking is urgently needed. New solutions also mean a competitive advantage.


In the past, companies had a degree of vertical integration. This means that if there was a problem, they went to the appropriate department and, together with the responsible person in charge, sought a local solution. This made it possible to trade quickly and reliably. Today, this is the supplier or service provider. If several companies are involved, Company A blames Company B and vice versa. A solution has thus moved far away and away with all the consequences. With product tightening the reliability increase, freely after the automobile manufacturer Henry Ford: "what doesn't exist, can not break ". The company should position itself with its own resources so that it can survive sustainably in predatory competition.


According to the economist Joseph Schumpeter, the merchant says: "Creative destruction", i.e. every economic development builds on the process of creative destruction. Through a new combination of production factors that have successfully prevailed, old structures are displaced and finally destroyed. Through market observation, research and development, the company should therefore always keep up with the times and continue to exist on the market with appropriate technology. This means creating and maintaining a culture that requires continuous education and creative action. So you remain sustainable for creative minds in the industry sustainable.


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